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We are seeking creative and motivated undergraduates!  Students should have some background in biology (genetics) and computer science, as well as an active interest in bioinformatics.

Please apply for the positions listed though UConn Student Jobs:

Class III – Student Research Review Specialist  (Job ID: 6172)

The plant computational genomics research group in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is working on the assembly and annotation of next-generation sequence data from a variety of conifer species.  These species represent some of the largest genomes sequenced to date.

This position will offer the opportunity to perform a variety of bioinformatics analysis with genomic and transcriptomic data.  Research students have the opportunity to learn bioinformatics, work on high performance computing clusters, and analyze the latest in next generation sequencing technologies.

Class III – Student Computer Programming Specialist  (Job ID: 6051)

Part-time or full-time position in the Wegrzyn lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. We are seeking an applicant to assist with advanced web application development related to tools integrating big data.

This big data relates to genotypes, phenotypes, and environmental map layers for forest tree species that are georeferenced.  This web application will serve thousands of forest tree researchers worldwide interested in understanding the genetic underpinnings of adaptation in light of climate change and related threats.  The application is developed based on this framework but is undergoing a complete re-design:


OR e-mail to learn about other opportunities.